Friday, 27 December 2013

All Terrain Cycles is a cycle shop with a deep history established in 1907

making us is one of the most established and respected shops in the UK. All Terrain Cycles started very much as a local business and remains so at its heart to this very day.

The shop was originally called Riley Brother Cycles and until 2006 was based in Cross Hill near Keighley before the move to the current premises in Salts Mill, Saltaire.
The business is still independent and family owned with two generations now working in the company (with grandchildren in the family, a third generation may also be on board very soon). Bikes are in the blood at All Terrain!
We’re all cyclists and love everything to do with riding bikes. Look around our staff meetings and you see riders of all levels from top downhill mountain bike racers to daily commuters. Even those grandchildren were riding bikes almost before they could walk. We just love them.
In recent years a lot of emphasis has been put on developing our website. This has seen All Terrain Cycles become a household name with cyclists the length and breadth of the country. However, we are a local bike shop at heart and as such we have also developed our store at Salts Mill to make sure we continue to offer the very best service for local and visiting customers old and new.
2012 has seen some major in-store developments come to fruition which ensure we not only offer you the best service but also the best possible environment in which to talk bike with our staff. Make sure you pop along and see it for yourself – over 1000 bikes in stock alongside the widest possible range of accessories, clothing and cycle related products currently available.
Over 100 years in to our business, here’s to another 100 of being your number one choice for all things bike! Thank you for your ongoing custom. It’s really appreciated.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Get a grip on those Winter trails and roads........

With Winter upon us its time to think about kitting your bike out with winter specific tyres.  There are a few worthwhile options on the market.
Spiked tyres from Schwalbe are the best option in snow and ice.
The Schwalbe Marathon Winter comes in 700/29er as well as 26" sizes

This Kevlar belted tyre will give you great grip as well as protection from puncture. Make your journey, a safe journey. Even on tight bends and with violent braking, this tyre will keep you under control even on icy roads. The spikes work best on ice when run at low pressure , whilst at maximum pressure they can be ridden on ice free roads with little road noise.

For snow Schwalbe manufacture the Snow Stud available in 700 x 38c ( also usable on 29ers ) plus 26 x 1.9.
This tyre is the perfect winter tyre. The studs are only on the edge of the tyre at lower pressures the tyre gains optimum grip but at higher pressures on snow free surfaces it performs like a conventional tyre.

For extreme conditions look no further than the Ice Spiker.
With 304 especially long spikes you will be prepared for the worst of conditions. To ensure the spikes are permanently fixed we highly recommend running them on roads for approximately 30 miles to bed them in. They are available in 26 x 2.1. So whatever Winter has in stall for us you can stick out there, remain safe and have great fun in the snow !

Monday, 16 December 2013

All Terrain Cycle Staff attend Trek Dealer Demo Day at Coed y Brenin

5 AM, Wednesday Morning.
Stood on the Doorstep with a bag of Spare Clothes, Helmet, protective Gear, Shoes and riding Pack. Its dark, it’s cold and worst of all its raining sideways! Great..
 Tom rolls up a few minutes later, kit thrown in the back and off we go for a 3 1/2hr drive down to one of the best trail centres in Wales. This place is a mountain bikers idea of heaven (or as close as), with every trail offering something a bit different, from tough tech descents, tricky long winded climbs as well as plenty of silly stuff to keep me entertained as well!
Fast forward 3 ½ hrs later me and tom are running across the car park with riding kit in tow and into the room 5mins late! Oops!
The trek guys are all pretty cool about it, were not the last guys there so it’s ok! On the upside the weather seems to have broken, so it’s wet, but not throwing it down so things are looking up for the ride out. About 20mins of training on treks suspension platform and how to set it up, were told its time to go out and pick our weapons of choice!
Everyone heads straight for the remedy 650b bikes, and they are snapped up in seconds. So it looks like we’re stuck with the 29ers. I’ve never been a huge fan of 29ers for anything other than xc as I find they can be quite a handful on the tight, twisty trails and they normally handle like a blimp in the air, but hey, were here to test the range of 2014 bikes so why not try something we wouldn’t normally ride. We both settled on a remedy 9 29er apiece and went about setting up the suspension, seat height etc.
Eventually it was ride time, the group of 20 set out along the MBR trail from the centre and straight away we were met with a gentle gradient with some nice rocky sections and a few turns. Nothing too taxing, but a nice start to get to grips with the big wheel Remedy’s . I was expecting the usual feel, great over the rough stuff, but numb in the corners and useless in the air. As expected the big wheels ate up everything in the way, roots, rocks, ruts and general trail debris, the suspension was plush and controlled and thanks to the DRCV shock and treks full floater platform I could get the power down when I needed to, but it smoothed out everything from the bigger hits to the small undulations in the trail. The big surprise was when the trail took a bit of a downhill and it started getting a bit twisty. Now a 29er is never going to be as nimble as a 26” or a 27.5” bike, but the remedy was as close as it could get. It was responsive, lightning quick in the berms but best of all, it was easy to recover after taking a corner a bit wide or if you needed to change you line quickly. I was impressed as was Tom, but we weren’t totally sold as yet. The Next climb was a steep switch backed section which is normally a pain to get up on longer travel bikes. You can’t get out of the saddle all the time as it ends up feeling like your trying to pedal a sofa and you waste more energy compressing the suspension than actually pedalling the damn thing up the trail even with the CTD system on. In the saddle you are constantly fighting to keep the front wheel down, which wants to pop up on every root and rock as your weight is so far back due to a slack seat tube. The remedy did neither. I have got to give trek their dues; they have put together a long travel bike that actually climbs! Don’t get me wrong, it’s no mountain goat, but I didn’t feel I was constantly fighting to keep the front end down and when I did need to get out of the saddle, it didn’t wallow around like a beached whale. As we got the top me & and Tom had a chat about the bikes.  I couldn’t put my finger on but I still felt something was missing.  It handles & corners well, it climbs well and rocky trails are a breeze to ride so it was shaping up to be a great bike, but we both agreed it wasn’t quite there yet. This was the same story throughout the rest of the ride and as we rolled through the last section of trail we were both still in 2 minds about the bikes. We decided to have a quick ride through the skills area on them and try to make our minds up as it’s always fun to have a bit of a play on any bike and see how it handles the small tabletops and skinnys that make up 90% of all Trail Centre Skills Areas, but I wasn’t holding my breath. Now Tom has ridden Coed Y brenin before, but didn’t mention that the skills area was actually pretty good, and straight away I spotted a good sized 4x style track with some nice high berms and every type of jump under the sun! Now 4x and bmx tracks  where were I cut my teeth in when I first started riding, so I can never resist beating a bike up on the jumps to see how it handles! Suprisingly the Remedy did not disappoint! For a big wheeler, the bike was great through the jumps. I could place it wherever I wanted in the air, be it laying out flat table tops or whipping the back end about, I didn’t feel I was fighting the bike at all. I could corner Low on the berms and because your centre of gravity is lower on a 29er as you sit in the bike, rather than above it, I wasn’t losing the grip on the loose surface of the track and it was holding speed through every corner. As I rolled through the last jump I headed straight back up to the top for another go! Tom was riding a rocky, tight section with a few small jumps and a couple of fair sized drops and as he rolled out of the last drop we met up and headed back for dinner.
Riding along the road back to “base” we started talking about the Remedy’s. We both agreed that they were the best 29” trail bikes that we had ridden. They handle the corners well, they are nimble in the air, you can ride through rough stuff with ease and they climb well. All the boxes were ticked, the big question is would we have one as our personal ride. The answer: Maybe!
Tom said he’d rather have the 27.5” version of the remedy over the 29er as he wasn’t completely sold on the big wheelers handling characteristics through the tighter stuff, you do have to hit every corner a little wider than you would on a smaller wheel. Myself? Yes, But I wouldn’t have it as my only bike. I’d have to have something that I could go truly silly on for the bigger stuff, and that’s why my 27.5” is a better option for myself. As a specific bike designed for trail centre riding and a bit of back country stuff, i really do recommend the remedy 29er, it’s a bike you really want to dislike, but cant!
After a quick feed and drink, we were back in the training room. We went through all the usual stuff in regards to suspension systems. How the Rear end of the bike works, the benefit of the system trek use, why the DRCV shocks are better for treks suspension platform etc.... we didn’t really learn anything we didn’t already know, but it definitely sharpened and reinforced what we all ready knew about treks bikes and why they ride as they do. Then it was time for ride 2.
This time it was the turn of the slash 27.7”. Bigger hit bikes than the Remedy’s, these things are designed to take on almost everything. With 160mm of travel all round, dropper seatposts and a set of adjustable travel  Fox Talas forks they are in theory the perfect do everything bike. Also equipped on our 2 demo bikes was the new Sram xx1 Groupset.  Now I have the x01 11spd Groupset on my current bike and I am very happy with the performance. Its sharp, slick and the lower gearing on the 10-42t cassette is great for trail and enduro riding, But the best thing of all is the weight saving you gain by removing almost half of the drive train and chain device.
As we set off, the weather decided to do other things!  About 1k into the ride I started having some tech issues with the gears and the dropper post so I turned back and went to grab another bike. Tom continued on. As I rolled back into base, my mind was made up on the slash, I was not a fan. On the ride back, I noticed that when in the saddle, even on the fire road, the front wheel was lifting at every given opportunity even with the talas fork wound down to 120mm!!! I can imagine out on the tricky climbs, the slash would be a real headache. My suspicions were confirmed when tom rolled in 30mins later looking like a drowned rat!! The weather had got that bad, even the lads from trek had started packing up the Eazi-Up and most of the other shops had started to call it a day. It’s a shame as if the weather had held up for another hour, we could have given the fuel ex range a whirl, but hey there are other days we can play out on those!
On the way home the conversation turned to the bikes. We both agreed that treks range this year is probably the best looking for a long time and the fact that they have both 29 and 27.5” bikes in the range makes sure that pretty much everyone can find something they want. But for us this year their stand out bikes are by far the remedy’s. They will do pretty much everything you want them to do and with the option of both 29” and 27.7” wheels they will suit 99% of the people out there who are looking for a good, do everything trail bike, and due to their forgiving ride will be appealing to be novice or a seasoned veteran!
Thanks for the lads at Trek to putting on a great day and putting up with my awfully fitness, cheers for handing back on the climbs guys! Hopefully, we’ll be allowed back! No thanks to the British weather for once again just being plain rubbish, but it didn’t spoil all of our fun!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

A Novel idea for Fitness Training

If you are looking for a novel idea to get you off the sofa and onto the bike, here is one form Harry Carpenter.
Harry, father of All Terrain Cycles Team Rider , Rowan Carpenter, came up with the plan last year to ride at least one 100+ mile ride each month.
Yesterday he rode the final 100+ mile ride of 2013 , 130 miles taking in 6 Counties.
Harry's thoughts
"It was great to have an incentive to do a big ride every month, whatever the weather, the 205 miler in July was the highlight"
Far better than sitting on a Turbo Trainer  in front of the TV !


Monday, 9 December 2013

If You go Down in the Woods Today .........

 You surely will get a big surprise.
Particularly if its 4am in the morning, that's the time All Terrain Cycles Team Riders set off riding on the black run in Grizedale Forrest, Cumbria.


 It might have been dark but they did get the chance to take this amazing picture and get to see the sunrise!

Rowan Carpenter and Joe Flanagan All Terrain Cycles Enduro Team Riders 2014 will be riding
Giant Trance Advanced 0 and Giant Trance Advanced 1
bikes for the 2014. With 27.5" wheels they will provided the perfect mix of acceleration , speed and handling that they require for racing at the highest level.

Friday, 6 December 2013

,,"The 5th Bronte BigK Cyklesportive hosted by Leeds City College, Keighley Campus is all set for on Sunday 20th  July 2014 and organisers are inviting cyclists of all standards to take  advantage of an early bird offer for the event which will raise vital  funds for Sue Ryder - Manorlands Hospice. The event includes routes which suit all abilities  up to professional riders. 
This year our courses have been altered to encompass as much of the route taken by the Tour de France Grand Depart Yorkshire as possible.
The longest three routes cover 30 miles of stage 2 Tour, including the stunning sections through Haworth, Bronte Country, Penistone Hill, Cock Hill, and the decent into Hebden Bridge. They also include England's longest constant incline of 6.42 miles up Cragg Vale and the stunning decent into Ripponden. Even the 20 mile option takes in 7.4 miles of the route including Haworth, Penistone Hill and Oxenhope.
There are many other great sections too, check the routes out on the maps below.
The Bronte 88 mile Monster
71.5 mile
55 mile
23 mile

All routes start and finish at Leeds City College in Keighley which has excellent transport links. Every entrant will receive a complementary BBQ meal at the finish and a Goody Bag put together by our main sponsor All Terrain Cycles ! Each bag will contain a medal and a new inner tube, plus other goodies.
All Terrain Cycles are supporting Sue Ryder  by supplying a Giant Defy Composite 2 Road Bike
that is the star prize in their TDF raffle. With tickets on sale at only £1 each , it gives you a great chance to win a bike worth £1299.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

All Terrain Cycles Handsomedog XC03 is a Winner

"Hi People, 8 years ago I bought my first Handsome Dog frame, a bit of a mongrel, if you'll pardon the expression. It was supposed to be all Easton Elite but you said one tube wasn't so it was mine for £65! You remember the frames, the ones where the stickers came off before you got it home! That frame served me brilliantly. It was light, stiff, climbed and handled like a dream and inspired confidence. It even made me look good! By October 2005 the components on the frame were looking a bit tired. The frame was battered but still handled like new, but it was 7 years old and I weigh 14 stone, enough said! After much consideration I replaced it in October 2005 with a brand new Marin Attack Trail. This looked the bees knees and had all the nice components you could wish for.......but, and here's the but.......My old Handsome Dog still climbed better, descended better and handled better. I struggled on with the Marin, trying every suspension setting in the book, different tyres, you name it. Nothing made it feel special or even that good!. So in January 2007 I came to your new place at Salts Mill for inspiration.
The Handsome Dog XC03 frame seemed to fit the bill quite nicely. All the attributes of the old 'Dog but with disc mounts and a bit more weight (no bad thing. Remember the 14 stone bit!)With the addition of a new seat pin and some nice flat bars all the other bits from the Marin swapped straight across and built a really great looking bike. This weekend was the first opportunity to give it a try and it is everything I had hoped it would be, and more.

Reasonably light, uber stiff, climbs like a Gazelle and the downhill handling is epic. I had never liked the Fox TALAS RLC forks on the Marin but on the 'Dog, OH MY GAWD! They are fantastic. They suit the frame really well running about 115mm travel on a soft-ish air pressure. Well done, guys! This has rekindled my passion for mountain biking. I thought I was getting old and past it (42!) when all I needed was a new 'Dog!Keep on building great frames and CHARGE MORE FOR THEM! The new one was only £149.99. It's just completely outclassed a supposedly state of the art full-bouncer!I'm riding the Aire & Calder to Skipton with a friend in the next month or so, so I'll drop it in and let you take a look, but meanwhile I've attached a piccy. (It's not in a dungeon. This is our cellar!)Again, many many thanks for the ride of a life! I'll be back in 8 years time if the old legs will still work at 50!-  Paul F

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

All Terrain Cycles ex 2013 Race Team Bikes for Sale

Its that time of year again when the race Team at All Terrain Cycles sell off their Race bikes.

We have a host of Road bikes, DH bikes
and XC bikes to sell.
The Racers out there will know you must keep on your bike in top fettle and all these top spec machines that have been fully serviced and kept in top order throughout the 2013 season.

We have some Giant TCR Advanced SL 2 bikes for sale at a massive saving off the original price.

Or may be a Giant Anthem X 29er 1 full suspension bike is more up your street?

If you are a Down Hill sort , then the Giant Glory is the one for you !

Friday, 29 November 2013

Ben Whitehead gets 8th position for All terrain Cycles in Dudes of Hazard Enduro Race

"Over the weekend of the 16/17th November was the annual Dudes of Hazard 'this is enduro now' race. For the second year running it has been a sell out race with 350 riders. The race's popularity is down to a few factors. Awesome riding in the Scottish highlands, good organisation and really relaxed vibe and for this year Red Bull had sponsored the event with bucking broncos and dj for the evening entertainment.

I travelled up to the race with my friend Ben on the Friday night and shared a hostel with what seemed like every single employee from Hope technology. The weather was quite wet on the Saturday practice but cleared up come race day. I rode well but had a couple of small unschedualed dismounts on stage 3 which put me back into 8th place. I wasn't too upset though as I really came just to ride some quality tracks with some good friends and have a couple of off season beers.

Till next time "

Ben Whitehead - All Terrain Cycles Enduro Team Rider
Ben rides an Orange Five pictured here in a technical rock garden.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

All Terrain Cycles Team Ride Joe Flanagan Trains in The Lake District

Riding in the Lake District can be exhilarating at the best of times, but All Terrain Cycles  Enduro Team Rider, Joe Flanagan makes it part of his preseason training regime.
He has just sent us these pictures of such a training run taken this weekend on the Old  Man of Coniston.

There is snow on those hills winter is coming get the base layers out !

Saturday, 23 November 2013

All Terrain Cycles Maintenance Course Paid for Itself

I would just like to give you feed back in a course I have just completed that was run by a member of your staff ( Chris ). The course was well worth the money. Very well explained as although there were only four of us on in the room we all had a different level of understanding about our bikes and all were able to keep up and learn the things to avoid and to do that could help improve our bikes. This course has paid for its self as it has possibly saved me from buying a new cassette as when looking at my chain, I found it needed replacing. With out the course I would not have had the knowledge or the know how to do the  now simple job of changing a chain.. There were many things I found help full and although I fell had a good understanding if things before hand now feel that I would like to learn more and better my mechanical understanding of my bike. If your were to ever run a more advanced class I would be great full I you could let me know..  









Friday, 22 November 2013

I recently purchased my first road bike through All Terrain Cycles ahead of a charity cycle ride from Bristol to Bordeaux. I had done a lot of web based research and looked through lots of sites for the right bike at the right price, I found the price really competitive on ATC, plus the range of complimentary products and accessories was great. I called the office number to find out if they were happy to take payment from a company run cycle to work scheme, which they were. I then received constant updates from Natasha in the office, including confirmation that payment had been received, an update that the shoes I ordered were out of stock and a suggestion of a suitable alternative and confirmation that they had checked a garment before sending it out and had found a defect so they had contacted the manufacturer to send a replacement. The bike, and all of the other bits I ordered arrived safely with a courier the next day. I have nothing but good things to say about All Terrain Cycles and their staffs attention to detail and would highly recommend them. Now all I have to do is cycle 500 miles!

Tim E

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Exciting 2014 Ladies Giant Bikes Land at All Terrain Cycles Today

We have just taken stock of this exciting new Ladies Cyclocross bike, the Giant Invite 1
This bike is in a category of its own: Combining  the stability, traction and a relaxed riding position of an off-road bike with the smooth efficiency of a drop-handlebar road bike. The frame is constructed  from aluminium  and  offers plenty of stand-over height thanks to its women’s-specific geometry.
Another great and unique feature are the exclusively designed brake levers that offer multiple reach options for secure riding.

Now if Road bikes aren't for you, how about the latest in Ladies MTB?
Take a look at the Giant Lust 27.5" Full Suspension bike.

27.5" wheels combined with the Maestro Suspension technology is a winning combination making this bike the ultimate off road all-rounder. 
Its lightweight alloy frame is hydroformed for style reduced weight and strength , with a unique design giving mountains of stand-over height.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

All Terrain Cycles are appointed Official UK Service and Demo Centre for Swiss Side Wheels

UK cyclists can now test, buy and service Swiss Side wheels at one of the UK’s biggest retail stores, All Terrain Cycles
Zurich, Switzerland – November 20, 2013 - Swiss Side is very pleased to announce the formation of a partnership with All Terrain Cycles (ATC) establishing one of the UK’s largest cycling retail store as their official service center in the UK. Swiss Side customers can now go to ATC and test out Swiss Side products including the Matterhorn, Gotthard, Franc, Heidi, Heidi Shadow and St. Bernard wheels as well as make purchases and/or have their currently owned wheels serviced.
Trading for over a century, ATC is located in the heart of Yorkshire in the beautiful World Heritage Site of Salt Mills of Shipley. This store hosts a massive range of bikes, components and equipment whether it be road, mountain, commuter, BMX, hybrid and more. The shear volume and variety of products they offer is made possible because they warehouse their equally massive online outlet at their retail location adding a substantial additional product inventory. So, Swiss Side customers can now find their favorite new set of wheels and everything they could possibly need to go with them in one location
One ATC standout feature is their large workshop facility for bike building and repair and team of very experienced and professional staff to help with all customer needs. Swiss Side UK customers now have a brick and mortar location for all of the customers services needs in addition to the usual excellent online customer service that Swiss Side is known for. ATC also provides ergonomic bike fitting to optimize cyclist’s setup for their body, and is open seven days per week.
The Swiss Side Guarantee
Swiss Side uses the same factory and has the same base components, quality and level of engineering as the "Big Brands" at a price that is 40% less. Swiss Side quite literally has incredible products at unbeatable prices. Swiss Side also uses Sapim spokes and Enduro bearings on all of their wheel sets.
Words From The Swiss Side Founders:
“We see it as an important step for our customers, that they have a brick and mortar location where they can see, test and purchase our products as well as having the confidence that there is a physical location where they can go for advice and service needs,” says George Cant, Design & Creative Director for Swiss Side. “We also believe in and want to support ‘the local bike shop’ as they are very important for cyclists and we feel it’s necessary that their place in the online sales market is not compromised.”
“From a technical standpoint, ATC is second to none. Their knowhow and workshop facilities are absolutely top level,” says Jean-Paul Ballard, Technical Director for Swiss Side. “It’s important for us as a brand, as well as our customers to know that for whatever issue may arise or basic servicing needs, their wheels are in good hands.”
Words From ATC:
“We know a thing or two about wheels at All Terrain,” Tony Booth, managing director for ATC. “Our history goes back to 1907, when we started as a general wheel builder repairing wheels for prams, cycles, motorbikes and agricultural machinery. Everything apparently had spoked wheels in 1907! We have been very impressed by the Swiss Sides wheel quality and value for money so its with great pleasure that we have been appointed the Swiss Side service agent for the UK. Apart from servicing wheels we also stock a full range of demo wheels so you can try before you buy.”
Swiss Side partners with ATC for the Ultra6 Challenge:
How does Swiss Side offer this exceptional quality at such low prices? Find out here:
See how Swiss Side wheels are made with the factory tour video:
All Terrain Cycles is one of the most established and respected cycling shops in the UK and is located in the heart of Yorkshire in the beautiful World Heritage Site of Salt Mills of Shipley. Established in 1907, this independent and family owned shop is run by cyclists for cyclists. ATC has over 1000 bikes in stock alongside the widest possible range of accessories, clothing and cycle related products currently available and offers all of your servicing needs. For more information on the ATC UK location and their massive ecommerce business visit
ABOUT SWISS SIDE: Swiss Side was founded in 2011 with a mission to deliver the absolute best road bike wheels on the market, based on a fusion of Action Sports product design and development with engineering from the pinnacle of Formula 1, at the best possible price.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A great Christmas Stocking filler for the Cyclist or Athlete in your life

If you are thinking about a stocking filler for Christmas, how about the SIS Endurance Starter Pack?
You get a host of nutritional goodies and a bottle at only £6.99 rather than the normal selling price of £12.99.

 The Starter Pack contains

- 2 sachets of GO Electrolyte
- 2 sachets of GO Energy
- 2 sachets of REGO drink powder
- 2 mini GO Energy bars
- 2 GO Isotonic gels
- Mixed flavours - with an 800 ml SiS bottle for easy preparation

 Available in store or online and ideal for the Cyclist or Athlete in your life.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Tom Hopper gets 4th overall for All Terrain Cyles in Harriers vs Cyclists 2013

Tom Hopper gets 4th overall for All Terrain Cycles in Harriers v Cyclists 2013

 This is what he has to say about the race:

"I got 4th from 214 overall, 3rd cyclist. I was just over a minute behind the leading cyclist despite a crash and only having one brake from the start.

I got a running personal best yesterday in the Abbey Dash 10k-32:43 which earned me 107th from 9443. I took 1 minute and 18 seconds off my time from July. This shows a fair step up in my fitness over the 4months that've passed. I'm getting there now, it's coming back :-) Once the mtb season begins in March I'll have been back at it for a year, progression is coming along nicely :-)  "
Great effort Tom , but try and stay on the bike next time !

All Terrain Cycles help Chris Emsley raises funds for Bowel Cancer Charity

One of our customers, Chris Emsley, from Bingley, is raising money for the charity Beating Bowel Cancer after his mum was diagnosed with the illness in 2012. 

Beating Bowel Cancer is a leading national charity working hard to raise awareness of symptoms, promote early diagnosis and encourage open access to treatment choice for those affected by bowel cancer. They provide information, education and support to patients, their families, the general public and the medical profession.  For more information on the charity please visit

 In June 2014 Chris will be climbing Mont Blanc but in the run up to this he will be competing in various cycling sportives, sponsored walks and runs and together with the landlord, Mustafa Ozmen is also holding a charity fundraising event at The Brown Cow pub in Bingley.  The fundraiser is being held on the 23rd November 2013 from 4pm onwards and the day will include;

A cycling challenge - come and test yourself out on the turbo trainer and see how fast you can cycle 1km, the fastest three times of the day will receive prizes of £25, £10 & £5 vouchers which we have pleasure in donating.

A burger eating challenge - where 10 people are taking on the Brown Cow Bull Burger, 5.5lbs of burger, 6 slices of cheese, 6 slices of bacon in a flatcake, chips, onion rings and salad - all in one hour! Come and cheer them on!

There will also be a raffle and auction with some great prizes and 
Cain Cookson will be playing live music later in the evening.

Everyone is welcome, so bring your partner, the children, your friends and the dog and come down to support this brilliant charity whilst having a fun filled Saturday in the process!