Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Computer says Go Go Go !

If your are cycling to the pub or following the footsteps of the TDF , cycling data is now easily and readily analysed.

Lets look at a selection of products currently available.

Cateye's tiny new Strada Smart works in conjunction with  your mobile phone to display GPS derived information onto your handlebars.

The unit is Bluetooth and will connect wireless to any iPhone from the 4's upwards as well as anroid's from 4.3 and above. All from £59.99.

Your phones GPs will provide the unit data to show mileage, altitude, time and a host more of must known information. Its an intelegent unit and will indicate by way of incons nincoming calls or texts.
GPS will also amend time zones, making it ideal for overseas travel.
If you are looking for a larger screen, the Padrone retails at £49.99.


At £29.99, the Wirless 13 function Axact 13w, is hard to beat.

Enclosed in a waterproof shell it will display all the basic information you might require.
Clock, distance , auto sleep, calories and pacer, all accessible via one simple button.

Simga have been at the forefront of cycle computing technology since the launch of their first computer over 30 years ago.

They were the first to introduce wireless technology and altitude measurement.

Used by Eurocar riders in last years Tour, the Sigma Rox 10 is GPS enabled and works with Ant+ transmission.This technology allows syncronisation with most powermeters.