Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Another great weekend for Team Terrain

Jeremy Copland - Great start to the 2014 season. 2nd today in the SS category at the Whinlatter MTB Challenge made even better by clinching 2nd on the last climb.
32 miles and 6000 feet of climbing !

Tom Hooper - 
That's the first round of the regional Mtb Xc series done and dusted, I got 4th in my first race in with 'experts' on the World Cup course at Dalby Forest. Well done to Ady Rudd, good ride fella! Now for a couple of training sessions this week before the opening of the British Xc Series. ON ON!

Matt Robinson and Matthew Bulmer  -
Billy picked me up from my house at 8 o clock along with my dad for the journey to Pocklington in Selby !!
 The race was over 54 miles on a pan flat circuit not really suited to my strength's but more to Billy's so the plan was to get in the moves with both of us in so I could help him out if we managed to stay away ? 
The wind was blowing but the conditions were cool and dry and the roads were in pretty good nick so was going to be a fast race !! The attacks started from the gun but nothing really stuck !
 On lap 3 of 9 we managed to get in a move with 2 other guys we knew we had to go full gas to have any hope of making the move stick as there was no place to get out of sight of the bunch with the straights being so long !! A few more riders managed to get across to us but as can be the case some times not every one wanted to contribute to the break so really it was doomed to failure the bunch caught us after a couple of laps !! 
At which point another move went with 5 guys in it much to mine and Billy's annoyance we missed it !! 
We tried to bridge across with a few more guys but the bunch was not for letting a second group go so it was a case of sitting tight for a few laps and hope the guys out front would get caught as gradually we did but not quick enough so me and billy attacked together to try get across but still to no avail !!
 A lap later the rain fell and poor billy stacked it on a corner his race over !! I gave it one more crack on the last lap with 4 other guys and came just short of bridging the gap !! As it was the guys out front finally got caught so it came down to a big bunch sprint not my kind of thing so I just rolled in mid bunch !! We certainly gave it ago as you can tell from the great pics my dad took !!

 I'm looking forward to the weeks training camp in Spain at the end of the month and for the races with the hills to begin  when I'm back that's when I think the results will start coming for us boys ?

What can the DH boys do  Well Downhill team representing ATC www.allterraincycles.co.uk ! 1st race of the season with a win and two 2nds. Downhill team podiums, road team where you at