Thursday, 9 January 2014

Take care of your Bicycle and it will take care of you

there is no need to be a mechanical Wizzard.
Many routine jobs can easily be done by yourself, saving you time, money and more importantly prolonging the life of your bike.
Here are my top 3 tips for today:
1.Clean that Chain
Most folk lub their chain as they is only right.
But there is a right and wrong approach.
Lub should only be applied between the side plates and rollers, anywhere else doesn't do any good unless you like gooey muck!
Before you lub try wiping down the chain with a rag, best to do this after every ride to reduce build up and save your righthand sock!
2.Clean and grease your seatpost.
There are few things on your bike that cause more frustration and damage than a stuck seatpost.
Its so easily avoided.
Mark your post by wrapping some tape around it where post meets the frame to record your saddle height. Remove the post and clean it. Apply grease inside the seat tube ( fibre grip  if its a carbon post ), then slide the post back into the frame to the height marked by the tape. Tighten the seat clamp using a torque wrench to manufactures tolerances.
Now you are ready for your ride !
Neglecting to do this can lead to total seizure both of heart and seatpost, in extreme cases you may need a new frame so well worth 10 minutes work.
3. Lub your bottom bracket cable guide every time you you lub your chain.
It takes 30 seconds , hugely reduces friction on the cables and will help fill you day with love and beads.

If you don't fancy this we have -25% sale on servicing costs throughout January and February